2017 Wrap up, New Year’s Eve, and looking towards 2018

HAPPY 2018!

New Year’s Eve was a week ago, and my social media hangover has finally started to subside. I hope you all have eased into 2018 like a well-greased pair of parachute pants. Thank you to everyone that came out to our party at the Lions Centre. We sold all but about 10 tickets! Tremendous! We had a gas… maybe not as much fun as Erin, Rene and Matt had busting out their “A-Game” moves that night, but it’s it’s good to have aspirations isn’t it? They set the bar way high. Anyway, thanks to Michelle and all at the Lions Centre for an incredible spread, keeping the bar lines moving, and just being massively accommodating.

Thank you Jeremy and his crew for doing a killer job with sound for us. We look forward to many more gigs with you this year, my friend. Biggest thanks going to everyone who came out not only on NYE but throughout the year.

This year saw us play more great venues and even greater private parties. Steam Whiste Brewery at the base of the CN Tower, CCC in Cobourg, Shamone in The Junction, Gallery 345 in the West End, Tosca in Oshawa, The Best Western in Cobourg, Bandshell, Main Streets, dirt roads, back yards in February…

We’ve got a few things already taking shape for 2018, and something special for our friends and family in Toronto who have been asking “when are you gonna play somewhere open to the public in Toronto??” Details quite soon so keep your under-roos on.
Your support is SOOOOOO appreciated. Thank you everyone.

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