2nd show of Station Pub Residency a big hit!

Another fantastic night at The Station Pub! A great crowd turned up, singing and dancing til 1:30am. We tried out some songs we had never even rehearsed before… Prince’s “LITTLE RED CORVETTE”, “LOVE MY WAY” by The Psychedelic Furs… “NEED YOU TONIGHT” by INXS which we had done once before, and “RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW” by Jesus Jones which had never been performed with programming. All went over with the crowd exceptionally.

“I always like to bring at least a new song or two each time we perform. We have some people who show up to almost every show, and I appreciate them turning up so much that I want to give them at least a couple of songs they haven’t heard us do before”, says Christian. “The problem is, a lot of the time Adam & Tim either don’t know I’m bringing newly programmed tunes to the table when I turn up or have been given very little warning, Ha Ha Ha!”

“I love seeing their faces when I say ‘WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS’, or ‘WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF WE COULD TRY THIS SONG?’. They look half terrified, half excited. Its priceless. They are good sports about it, and true professionals”

Our residency continues on Saturday March 21st at 10:00pm.

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