[SETLIST] Our Big Shiny 90’s Halloween Setlist is HERE!

Playing the 90’s was a whole lot of fun. I certainly hope we get to do it again sometime soon. In case you missed it, here is what we played on Saturday. Unfortunately we had to cut a bunch of songs due to time constraints so we definitely want a chance to play those ones for you.



1. Bitter Sweet Symphony (THE VERVE)
2. The Good In Everyone (SLOAN)
3. Loser (BECK)
4. A Girl Like You (EDWIN COLLINS)
5. Connection ft. Cheryl Ireland (ELASTICA)
6. Tubthumping ft. Cheryl Ireland (CHUMBAWUMBA)
7. The Way (FASTBALL)
8. Bye Bye Bye (N*SYNC)
9. 1979 ft. Dave Vasey (SMASHING PUMPKINS)
10. The Middle (JIMMY EAT WORLD)
11. Common People (PULP)

1. Breathe (THE PRODIGY)
2. Vasoline ft. Stacy Doherty (STONE TEMPLE PILOTS)
3. Monkey Wrench ft. Stacy Doherty (FOO FIGHTERS)
4. Groove Is In The Heart ft. Cheryl Ireland & Luke McFadden (DEELITE)
5. The Rockafeller Skank (FATBOY SLIM)
6. Time Bomb (RANCID)
7. …Baby One More Time ft. Cheryl Ireland (BRITNEY SPEARS)
8. Celebrity Skin ft. Cheryl Ireland (HOLE)
9. Poison ft. Luke McFadden (BELL BIV DEVOE)
10. Basket Case (GREEN DAY)
11. Smells Like Teen Spirit ft Stacy Doherty (NIRVANA)
12. Head Like A Hole ft. Dave Vasey (NINE INCH NAILS)

1. When You’re Gone ft Cheryl Ireland (BRYAN ADAMS & MEL C)
2. I’m Too Sexy (RIGHT SAID FRED)
3. Sabotage ft Luke McFadden & Dave Vasey (BEASTIE BOYS)

1. Laid (JAMES)
2. Wonderwall (OASIS)
3. Unbelievable (EMF)

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